2018 atlantic hurricane season

each tropical cyclone, including synoptic history, meteorological statistics, hurricanes. Staying a hurricane for less than an hour, Mu quickly started to weaken due unstableness in the system. On September 20, the disturbance strengthened into a depression. 11691 SW 17th Street While over warm waters, the system quickly intensified into a Category 4 hurricane, making it the strongest hurricane of the season at the time, the second Category 4 hurricane of the season, and the second major hurricane of the season. The storm fully dissipated on the 29th after killing 76, the 2 extra coming from mudslides in Mexico, and $2.2 billion in damages. On September 17, a tropical wave emerged off the coast of Mali. Isaac continued up the coast, causing severe damage in Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach at Category 3 strength. Isaac than rapidly re-intensified into a Category 5 before hitting Jacksonville, causing more catastrophic damage. Flooding up to 31 inches and high winds caused catastrophic damage. In under 24 hours, the most rapid intensification and pressure drop ever occurred. Sigma dissipated over the Appalachian Mountains after killing 12,013 and causing a then record $616.4 billion in damages, beating out the stronger Category 5 Hurricane Tony by $158.4 billion. Slamming into Canada, Tony brought strong straight-line winds, heavy rains and huge storm surges. Texas was hit as a Catgeory 5 with 190 mph winds and a new barometric pressure of 892 mbar. On the 23rd, Theta became a Category 3 hurricane and made landfall in Barbados. In the late-evening hours of the 2nd, the system became a tropical storm. Isaac then became extratropical on September 19 when Nashville, along with Memphis suffered flash flooding. Due to being a Greek name, Pi wasn't replaced with a new name. Ravaging Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, and Guinea-Bissau, 7,809 people were killed, along with $117 billion in damages. On November 16, Tropical Depression Twenty-Eight formed from a disturbance that formed from a tropical wave from Africa. Strong straight-line winds, heavy rainfall, and huge storm surges caused another $45 billion in damages in South Florida before hitting Bermuda as a low-end Category 4 with 130 mph winds and a barometric pressure reading of 937 mbar. On October 2, Quinn started to shift to the north. By the 17th, Delta became a Category 2 hurricane before slamming into the Azores, causing 16 deaths and $1.2 billion in damages on the island. Michael dissipated over Lake Michigan on September 27 after killing 4,871, injuring over 20,000, and causing $207 billion (2018 USD). The U.S. states of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia declared states of emergencies before Oscar regained strength, packing 180 mph winds and a barometric pressure 909 mbar. Xi was retired due to it's destruction. Rho fully dissipated over Minnesota on the 10th. Gordon then re-intensified into a Category 1 before dissipating on August 31, one day before the peak of hurricane season. By the 29th, Kappa dissipated after killing 32 and causing $96 million in damages. Undergoing record explosive intensification, the depression went from 30 mph winds to Category 5 Hurricane Sigma with 195 mph winds in just under 31 hours. As the system exited Azores, wind shear caused Helene to weaken to a Category 1 storm before reaching peak intensity 160 miles northeast of Morocco. Xenia finally dissipated over Indiana after killing 184 and causing a then secondly-record of $370 billion in damages made Xenia the second costliest Atlantic hurricane on record, along with the second costliest in world history, until multiple Category 5 hurricanes passed Xenia. From a disturbance with 25 mph winds, the system became a Category 5 Hurricane Xenia with 185 mph winds, a record increase of 160 mph. Intensifying into a Category 5 with 185 mph winds and a center pressure of 888 mbar. Hitting Panama City, Atlanta, Greensville, and Charlotte, high winds, heavy rainfall, and large storm surges. As the storm hit the Greater Antilles, the system drastically, sustaining tropical depression status. After the predetermined list of names for the 2018 season was exhausted, additional storms were named using letters from the Greek Alphabet. Then on the 23rd, Twenty-Five intensified into Tropical Storm William at 4:00 AM UTC. Tony slowed down before a final approach to Cuba. In the state of Florida, 2,387 were killed. With 55 mph winds, Ulysses hit Cuba, causing moderate rainfall, killing 3 in the process. Remnants from Florence and Gordon, along with a very violent tropical wave formed Helene on August 26. Making a 180 degree turn, Tony re-intensified with 215 mph winds speeds and a barometric pressure of 851 mbar when the system slammed into Virginia on November 10. By the 23rd, Beta gained strength, having 60 mph winds and a pressure reading of 1007 mbar. Emerging in the Gulf as a tropical storm, Nu quickly gained hurricane strength once again. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There were several notable storms in 2018. If you have trouble viewing linked files, obtain a free viewer for the file format: US Dept of Commerce Anticipating for a Northern Texas landfall, a state of emergency was issued for Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Another $26 billion was done in Florida and Georgia before Sara weakened into a tropical depression, still causing heavy rainfall, and another $17 billion in damages was done, along with 17 deaths. In all, 2,892 deaths occurred, over 15,000 injuries was done, and $133 billion (2018 USD) in damages was done. With the 10 Greek names Alpha, Delta, Theta, Lambda, Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, and Sigma also being retired, no name replaced them as the Greek list goes in order of the alphabet. Slowing speeds, Oscar regained strength, striking Cuba at a Category 4 with 150 mph winds and a barometric pressure of 929 mbar. The system temporarily weakened when the system had an eyewall replacement cycle before regaining strength when striking Belize, killing 542. Due to record intensity, flooding, and damage, Tony was retired from hurricane usage, being replaced with Taylor for the 2024 season. Isaac was expected to keep going towards Mexico, however, the system made a sharp right turn an headed towards Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, and the rest of the Greater Antilles. With 105 mph winds, the hurricane transitioned from a Category 2 to a Category 4 in the warm water in Atlantic. However, by the 22nd, Epsilon weakened and dissipated in the open Atlantic after killing 6 and causing $12 million in damages. The system dissipated on July 25 after causing no fatalities or injuries, and minimal damage. The 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season was a costly and hyperactive Atlantic hurricane season that broke dozens of records, including the most damage done with $3.45 trillion, the most disturbances with 94, the most depressions with 45, storms with 43, hurricanes with 36, and major hurricanes with 28. On the 27th, an area of low pressure & circulation formed a disturbance near the Yucatán Peninsula. Exiting the U.S., Xenia further weakened into a Category 4 before striking Bermuda with 130 mph winds. On the East Coast, an estimated $188 billion in damages was done, along with 1,244 deaths. On December 2, a tropical wave emerged off of Morocco, and achieved disturbance status. On May 16, a tropical wave moved off the coast and formed into Tropical Storm Chris. On the 24th, remnants from Eta formed Iota in the middle of the Atlantic. On the 19th, a potential disturbance formed as many scattered, isolated thunderstorms, along with low pressure, formed the system. In all, 61 people died and $38.1 billion (2018 USD) in damages occurred as of a result. Impacting Cuba, Havana suffered heavy winds and devastating flooding, causing another $80 billion in damages. The season saw the most named storms, beating out the 2005 season. Tony then pushed out over the Atlantic and fully dissipated on November 19. On the 14th, Quinn restrengthened, harboring wind speeds of 145 mph winds and a barometric pressure of 944 mbar. In all, 4 people died, 188 more were injured, and $43 million (2018 USD) in damages was done. Minor rapid intensification occurred and Gordon achieved Category 2 strength on August 28. Career Opportunities, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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