arguments for gene therapy

With gene therapy, some of these defects could be corrected to reduce these fatalities. Top 10 Cons of gene therapy 1. Gene therapies are done by several genetic disorders’ treatments. They support the genetic manipulation of embryos to ensure that they do not suffer in the future. Here are some additional pros and cons of gene therapy to think about. We’ve already seen this with penicillin. Gene therapy does not … In the case of Charlie Gard and others in a similar situation, the promise of gene therapy may provide a false hope of survival. With gene therapy, normal cells could replace the faulty cells and provide a legitimate treatment for the affected individual. About 3% of American children are born with a genetic condition which requires gene therapy as a way to treat … Preimplantation diagnosis is therefore the expression of a eugenic mentality that accepts selective abortion in order to prevent the birth of children affected by various types of anomalies. Today, the price of penicillin is just pennies per dose in many circumstances. There are times when saving someone may create an inferior quality of life. Initial treatments may be expensive, but the future of treatment in the coming generations may not be at all. To create embryos with the intention of destroying them, even with the intention of helping the sick, is completely incompatible with human dignity. The pros and cons of gene therapy show us that there are some uncomfortable questions that need to be answered as this technology progresses. By manipulating genes, we could be creating new disorders for future generations without realizing it. Some argue that the intention of saviour siblings is to heal and cure disease. Manipulation of the genetic makeup of man is absolutely unacceptable to persons with strong... 3. This creates the potential of creating a similar effect in humans one day. Scientists have developed techniques to improve individuals’ quality of life or prevent births with serious medical conditions. Gene therapy may cause the body more harm in the long wrong because the body may go through unnatural phases after it rejects the gene. The argument would be that the birth of. to be too great. It would create a new field of medicine. Some Christians argue that there is no full understanding of the effect that changing genes has, and the risks are not acceptable unless it is to cure or heal. Some Christians may argue that altering an individual's genes goes further than conventional medicine, and say it is, Some Christians argue that scientists would be acting as. It may treat more than just disease. Gene therapies may be useful now, but additional changes to genetic profiles could create unforeseen disorders in the future. Christianity teaches that they should heal like Jesus did. Some Christians believe that the principle of the sanctity of life covers all human life from the embryo stage. Even with extensive screening in place for parents, there are numerous births that experience defects and genetic diseases. Sign in, choose your GCSE subjects and see content that's tailored for you. Up to this day, researchers are still studying how and when to make use of gene therapy. if they could develop treatments that would ensure that future generations do not suffer from genetic conditions or diseases. They might consider it part of their role as stewards and as an act of healing. If a condition is inherited, your children and future generations might have it. More than 30 million people in the United States are affected. With gene therapy, normal cells could replace the faulty cells and provide a legitimate treatment for the affected individual. It may encourage gene doping. It offers hope. include: When humanity has the knowledge to manipulate a genetic profile, the science of eugenics becomes possible. The main arguments Christians consider on the issue of gene therapy. 1. Many Christians argue that as long as the technology is used to prevent disease, and not for non-medical gender selection or for enhancement, it is acceptable. Even age-related disorders that may have genetic foundations, such as Alzheimer’s disease, could be treated with the medicines and protocols that come from genetic therapeutic research. 6. Gene therapy … Some Christians may argue against these procedures due to the potential psychological harm that could come to the saviour sibling. Gene therapy is based on technology. Gene therapy must be refined, because uncontrolled distribution of genes and cells in the body can be very dangerous. 4. Gene therapies have been stuck in trials for a generation for a good reason. view, that all life is sacred. Christians, eg many Protestants, who do not believe embryos have full human status would see it as acceptable to use embryos if the research leads to medical breakthroughs. Birth defects are the leading cause of infant death in the US, accounting for 1 in 5 fatalities. Some Christians are concerned that this expensive type of treatment would only be available to the wealthy and so it would go against Christian teachings on justice.

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