beyond lemuria oracle cards meanings

You may feel like you have led many different lives and expressed different faces to the world. Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards. Published information about Lemuria is scarce, especially when it comes to role of the Goddess in ancient Lemurian society. Read more. When we judge something, we create a story around it. Lemurian quartz crystals Stretch your wings and see how far they can reach. What may be perceived as the endless, black nothingness is actually the illuminated eternal – the core that all our fears may be peeled back to. Aware of their oncoming destruction, the Lemurians imbued information about how to avoid a similar catastrophe on crystals and buried them. Rather than thinking in terms of what you don’t want, focus on what you do want as if you already have it as the subconscious will hear the key words and bring more of this. Score: 4.25. They are known as seed crystals because individual specimens are said to be found buried in sand and earth rather than attached to a larger cluster the way most crystals are discovered. What if everything you wanted was right there in front of you? You can decide how you want to live. Healing Position: Base of the spine, groin. What happens when we realise the keys to our future are in the wisdom of the earth and the dreamings of the indigenous? All it talks is some pollination, so as above as bellow as we say in the realms of making magic happen. Divinatory Meaning. -As I chose to step on to this other worldly assignment, I was greeted with the curious phenomenon of opportunity to explore how these themes paralleled my life allowing more light and clarity to transmute. Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards. Decision-making, choice, crossroads, unrealised opportunities, taking the path of least. It might not make sense to your mind. When you choose to boldly step forward, even if it takes courage, you will discover a place of trust. Discover Lemuria and reclaim your light, your heart and your destiny. This is where magic happens and synchronicities you could never have imagined land in your lap. available on my website << Link in the top comment.-"New-Earth Codes and Wisdoms for Our Ancient Future-Transform shadow into light, bridge duality and inspire heaven on earth through the practical and enlightening insight from Lemuria. It may seem out of your comfort zone or undermine logic. It is the silent, meditative moment out of time, the considered dropped-in place beyond the hustle of the mind and outside world. They are accessible in those moments when everything suddenly becomes more emotionally dramatic or painful than it needs to be. Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards. What happens when we realise fertile compost greets us when we allow ourselves to transmute our pain? Life happens, but it is our perception of good and bad and our black and white judgements that prevent us from seeing the grander truth. Manifest from the heart, overcome fear, take strong positive action, and let go the outcome. You can manifest all you wish to create or let go of. The ebb and flow of our evolution and devolution is a temporary blip in the universe. This card is about deciphering wisdom codes. The more we use our minds to battle the pros and cons, the more we move out of our hearts. It can appear after challenges that have required a level of surrender. This is the place between worlds, the womb before we incarnate, and from here, we can choose where we go. When we step though the darkness, we realise it is only a short distance away from the white void at the centre of creation and Heaven. This card invites you to honour the full spectrum of life and find a new way of perceiving your situation. It comes as a reminder that you can choose how you want your life to go. Create symbols from the letters that make up your wish sentence. But, why can times of indecision be so hard and almost suffocating? When making a choice, you may consider anything that doesn’t feel like a total yes as a total no. Avoidance makes them spiral out to aid in the construction of a world we don’t actually want … individually but also collectively. All the time you are sitting on the fence, your experiences will be diluted or confusing. Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards New-Earth Codes and Wisdoms For Our Ancient Future Transform shadow into light, bridge duality and inspire heaven on earth through practical and enlightening insight from Lemuria. It comes as a reminder that you can choose how you want your life to go. New-Earth Codes and Wisdoms For Our Ancient Future. Home / Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards. Recall the past and glimpse the future. Especially as things are getting pretty real on the planet right now. As we become aware that we are so much more than our physical bodies, we may experience a sense of the eternal. Celebrate, honour the road that brought you here, and prepare to take flight with the tools you have gathered through your elevation process. Infused with the loving guidance, practical wisdom and enlightened insight of Lemuria, this unique oracle deck is here to help you tap into the potent serenity of collective dreaming through wide-eyed introspection, symbolism, and knowledge. This card encourages you to dream big. New-Earth Codes and Wisdoms For Our Ancient Future. Add to cart. With your guard down, you have the tools to ride the waves if you need. -This process of grounding the 56 images was potent adventure however its actually the accompanying book that Im most excited about! We are all having more opportunity to move through our shadows rather than being led by our patterns so its nice to have some guidance in a fun and nurturing way. The real disease on Earth, the barrier to Eden, is in our minds. Let’s allow ourselves to see our shadows as an opportunity to bring more light into our being and heal the world from these dark foundations. New-Earth Codes and Wisdoms For Our Ancient Future. These crystals are reappearing now as this knowledge is again relevant. Dream big, then dream even bigger. Copyright 2012 - 2020 Amulet Bikinis | All Rights Reserved | Built by, Blog .1 – How to Live off Doing what you Love, Blog.3 How to ‘Get Out There’ as Creative Person. Journey of the Inspiring, Intuitive Visionary, Izzy Ivy, May 20th - May 26th Weekly Oracle Reading, April 15th - April 21st Weekly Oracle Reading, April 8th - April 14th Weekly Oracle Reading, March 18th - March 24th Weekly Oracle Reading, March 11th - March 17th Weekly Oracle Reading, March 4th - March 10th Weekly Oracle Reading, February 18th - February 25th Weekly Oracle Reading, The Journey of The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards, Im sooo excited to announce that my 'Beyond Lemuria' Oracle Deck has been released in the the world!

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