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Who would have thought we had so much power to consume JSON Web API data from the bash command line with the help of both curl and jq? So we pass any temperature we get from the API to the tempConvert method. We go backwards and note the path, The description text is located under the key description. Historical weather data for 40 years back for any coordinate. Search for: Search. You bet! What if we want to just print one attribute from each of the JSON objects in the array? The Perform method calls the specified URL. The API returns a JSON text containing information such as current weather description, current temperature, pressure, humidity and many more. In the array, the desired description is in the first element. Let’s clean it up. Our results are looking much more readable! JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is with XML the most common data format used by APIs to exchange data. Thanks for the help! If nothing is returned, you will need to install curl: As Mark Twain (or was it Charles Dudley Warner?) Nice tutorial! Now we have to put the JSON text as MBSJSON datatype into a format that can be read. So we first create a new instance of the class JSONMBS, to which we pass our JSON from the API. For example, a commonly used header called "UserAgent" tells a website what type of device you are using so it can tailor the best experience for you. Finally, in line 10, we echo the downloaded content to the terminal. Consuming Node.js Microservices Created with Stdlib For example, let’s only return the forecast objects for days that it might rain: This jq syntax selects objects in the JSON array where the precipitation is forecasted to be greater than zero. To be able to read the result, we call the method toString to convert the result to a string that we can compare. We start with the settings area. Let’s start using jq and do a pretty print of the JSON returned: As you might guess, the results returned look very similar to our JSON results presented above in the API description above. We need the new class because we want to fill events with code. The jq . Support these free tutorials by buying something on Amazon with this link. Now we have a string that still has quotation marks, which we can replace with an empty string by using the ReplaceAll method. . To set the temperature unit we use a popup menu. Creating Node.js Microservices with Ease Using Stdlib The paths of the other information can be read and build similarly. We can use this. The answer is yes! So we need the text in our program. I can’t to execute it display the below error when I try to execute by using ./ “San Diego, CA” The code for the sunrise look like this. if the chance of rain is greater than 20 percent. Weather REST API Example [Curl/Bash] An example of getting the current weather data for a selected city via the free weather REST API service. Every request, either by browser or application, sends header information every time you visit any website. Thanks for asking this excellent question. The results, sorted in descending orde by low temperature, look like this: We can also return just the maximum value using jq’s max_by function. Developers can override these headers for specific purpos… We look whether there are also these keys with a normal and valid, functioning query. These can then also be decorated appropriately. Let’s sort by the low temperature: How about sorting in descending order? As a first step, log into your Linux system and launch a terminal session to verify that curl is installed (if you are running Raspbian, curl ships with the base image): We see that usr/bin/curl is returned so we know curl is installed. Of course this area can also be decorated and highlighted. How do I fetch the weather data for my bulk query using cURL? Öffentliche Beispiel REST Web Services REST API mit JSON und Swagger. We have to convert this into a time that is readable for humans. Yes, indeed with the help of the jq reverse function…. Matching this we do the conversion. There are many more features of jq that we have not even had time to cover. In line 7, we use sed to HTML encode blank spaces in the LOC parameter passed from the command line so that “San Diego, CA” becomes “San%20Diego,%20CA” when invoked through a URL. Perfect, we are ready to create our first script to retrieve the current weather from our cloud-based microservice! Code . We can either copy-and-paste the data directly from the Data section on the Query API, or we can use an edited version as discussed above. Would you have any advice on how to parse out these data points correctly? First, create a bash script called and add the following contents: This command accepts two parameters from the command line for the location (line 3) and degree type (F or C) on line 4. That means we have given the seconds from January 1st 1970 00:00 to the time of our time value. The jq command is capable of a lot more as we soon will see. Benutzer können nicht nur Abfragen mit GET durchführen. This text will be written into a dialog in the Write event. To access this API we pass some information with our URL like the desired location and our key. Using the Open Weather Map API with curl. Although it looks like the API you set up for it is down, your examples are pretty clear so it’s still possible to follow along. We use the method ArrayItem and pass 0 as parameter, because we want to address the first element with the index 0. You may also notice that we added a final finishing touch to our script and included some logic at the top to ensure that at least one parameter is supplied. This enables the script to return 67°F Sunny instead of "67°F Sunny". I had an issue with the Weather API used in the examples, and this issue has been resolved. (My instructions will, however, be geared toward Debian-based Linux distros since we will be using the apt command.) To set up a Raspberry Pi, you can follow the instructions in my popular Beginner’s Guide to Installing Node.js on a Raspberry Pi. You can check out a follow-up article I wrote called Using jq and curl to Wrangle JSON Arrays from the Terminal and also the jq Manual to learn about many of jq’s other features. JSON has become the lingua franca for exchanging data on the web, and we (as developers) need to know how to process JSON data so we can be positioned for the present and for the future. Since each object is a map of string and object, you need to store it in a map and then obtain the weather information you’re looking for … Next we need to get into the array. Weather REST API; Exchange Rates API; IP Geolocation API; Curl Command to POST JSON String with Bearer Token Authorization Header This page shows how to send a JSON string with a Bearer token authorization header with Curl.

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