gourmet beer cheese dip

The dip is made with just cheddar, cream cheese, Guinness, and chives. Beer Cheese Dip. It doesn’t matter if you’re on team pretzel or team chip, everyone’s a winner with this amazing dip… (If you already have … The original one I used to make also calls for caraway seeds, which does add a nice peppery flavor. Use your favorite beer to make a velvety, creamy dip … This week, check out delicious local cheese and beer pairings put together by our very own gourmet cheese experts! Contents Bacon Beer Cheese Dip (10.5 oz) Beer Cheese Dip is a ranch-flavored pub-style dip that takes just minutes to make (no cooking) and is a must-have at any party. This hearty combination of real bacon, rich cheese, and beer makes a great stand-alone dip for pretzels and chips, or a tasty topping on a grilled burger. Delicious and oh-so-cheesy, beer cheese is the cheesy sensation sweeping the nation.

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