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| Super Lydian | Suspended Pentatonic Home > Other Scales > Hungarian Minor Scale en Français. | Altered Scale | Arabic Scale | Ascending Melodic Minor Scale | Augmented Scale The created difference by incorporating the Hungarian minor scale can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Copyright © 2015 all-piano-scales. The Pink Panther Theme, originally played in the key of E minor, is noted for its quirky, unusual use of chromaticism which is derived from this scale.[12]. Chords that may be derived from the B Hungarian minor scale are Bm, C#7♭5, Daug, F#, G7 and A#m6. An easy way to learn this scale is to compare it with the Harmonic Minor. | Altered Dominant Scale | Altered Dorian 25. Its step pattern is W, H, +, H, H, +, H, where W indicates a whole step, H indicates a half step, and + indicates an augmented second (three half steps, enharmonically equivalent to a minor third but notionally distinct). It is a symmetrical scale with a slightly ambiguous tonal centre, due to the many half steps. Dorian Scale | Ukrainian Minor Scale | Ultra If you haven't noticed it yet, … Using the Hungarian scales will give your music an exotic touch. Augmented Scale | Inverted Diminished Scale | Ionian | Ionian b2 | Ionian b3 | Ionian b6 | Ionian b9 | Ionian b13 | Ionian b2 b6 | Ionian b6 b9 | Ionian b9 b13 | Ionian #5 | Ionian Augmented   J   Jazz Minor Scale | Jazz Minor #4 Scale | Jazz Minor #11 Scale | Jazz Minor Inverse   K   Kumoi Scale   L   Locrian | Locrian b4 | Locrian b11 | Locrian bb7 | Locrian #2 | Locrian #6 | Locrian Diminished 7 | Locrian Natural 2 | Locrian Natural 6 | Locrian Natural 9 | Locrian Natural 13 | Locrian Pentatonic Scale | Lydian | Lydian b2 | Lydian b3 | Lydian b7 | Lydian b9 | Lydian #2 | Lydian #5 | Lydian #9 | Lydian #2 #5 | Lydian #5 #9 | Lydian Augmented | Lydian Augmented #2 | Lydian Augmented #9 | Lydian Diminished | Lydian Dominant Its … The second section of Klaus Schulze's long composition "Ludwig II" from the album X has a theme built on an ascending Hungarian minor scale. Intervals What intervals are in the B hungarian minor scale. (2011). Minor 3rd. Melodic Minor Scale Modes | Minor Pentatonic | Minor Scales | Minor Third - Half Step Scale Chords that fit in this scale: Normal Triads: Cm Cdim D#aug G Gaug G# G#m G#dim B Bm Baug. Melodic Minor b13 | Melodic Minor Scale | ("The Bees"), The Hungarian minor scale on C, ascending. Scales | Overtone Scale   P   Pentatonic Major | Pentatonic Minor | Pentatonic Mode I | Pentatonic Mode II | Pentatonic Mode III | Pentatonic Mode IV | Pentatonic Mode V | Pentatonic Modes | Pentatonic Neutral | Pentatonic Scales | Phrygian | Phrygian b4 | Phrygian b11 | Phrygian #3 | Phrygian #6 | Phrygian Dominant Scale | Phrygian Major | Phrygian Major 3rd | Phrygian Natural 6 | Phrygian Natural 13 | Phrygian Pentatonic Scale | Modes | Harmonic Minor Scale | Harmonic Minor Scale   T   Types of Minor 6th. [10][11] This form of the scale can also be used in the fourth mode and would then be referred to as the Neapolitan scale. Other Triads: Csus2 Gsus4. 4 Notes Chords: Cm (maj7) D7b5 Gmaj7 G#maj7 G#7 G#7b5 G#m7 G#m (maj7) G#m7b5 B6 Bm6 Cm\D# Cm\G Cm\Eb. Carlos Agon, Emmanuel Amiot, Moreno Andreatta, Gérard Assayag, Jean Bresson, John Manderau; eds. The axis of balance for the Hungarian minor passes through the fifth and the flat nine, which is not included in the pitch set. Milne, A.J., Bulger, D., Herff, S.A. Sethares, W.A. 2M - 2m - 2A - 2m - 2m - 2A - 2m. 2. Other examples include the Dorian mode of major and fifth mode of melodic minor. Hungarian Minor Scale. The Hungarian minor scale, double harmonic minor scale, or Gypsy minor scale is a type of combined musical scale. Scale structure: 1 2 b3 #4 5 b6 7. The scale has also been used in rock and classical music. Home > Other Scales > Hungarian Minor Scale. Root Note. Piano Scales | Pomeroy Scale | Pure Minor Scale   R   Ravel Scale | Relative Minor Scale | Ritusen Scale | Romanian Minor Scale   S   Scales (other) | Scales and Modes | Scottish Pentatonic | Six Tone Symmetrical | Spanish Gypsy Scale | Spanish Phrygian Scale | Super Locrian | Super Locrian bb7 | Super Locrian Natural 5 Locrian | Unitonic Scale   W   Whole step - Half step Scale | Whole-Half Diminished Scale | Whole-Half Scale | Formula What is the formula for the B hungarian minor scale. An alternative (and less common) version is the asymmetric Aeolian ♯4 scale, the only difference with the Hungarian minor scale being that the 7th degree of the scale is not raised. (Variation 3) | Blues Scale (Variation 4) | Blues Scales | Byzantine Scale   C   Chromatic Scale   D   Debussy Scale | Descending Melodic Minor Scale | Diminished Dominant It also makes your compositions appear more professional, complex, and very different from the traditional popular songs. II   B   Basic Scales Chopin's F minor "The Bees" Etude (Op. | Blues Scale (Variation 2) | Blues Scale The Hungarian minor scale,[2][3][4][5][6] double harmonic minor scale,[7] or Gypsy minor scale[4][8] is a type of combined musical scale. Home > Other Scales > Hungarian Minor Scale, A   Acoustic Scale | Aeolian | Aeolian b5 | Aeolian #3 | Aeolian Major 3rd | Aeolian Major 7th | Aeolian Natural 7 It is the fourth mode of the double harmonic scale. The Hungarian Gypsy Scale or the Hungarian Minor Scale (sometimes only referred to as Hungarian Scale) is commonly used in Indian classical music and, of course, Hungarian music. Major 7th. Formula What is the formula for the A hungarian minor scale. Scale   O   Other | Blues Scale | Blues Scale (Variation 1) [7], This scale is obtainable from the double harmonic scale by starting from the fourth of that scale, so the C Hungarian minor scale is equivalent to the G double harmonic scale.[7]. | Altered Mode | Altered Pentatonics It is a symmetrical scale with a slightly ambiguous tonal centre, due to the many half steps. The Hungarian Minor Scale is a great exotic scale for every guitarist to know. | Aeolian Pentatonic Scale | Altered bb7 Mode 2M - 2m - 3m - 1A - 2m - 2A - 2m. Cannibal Corpse's song "Rabid" off of their Torture album is written in the Hungarian minor scale.[15]. The scale contains two augmented seconds,[5] one in each tetrachord. Tritone. [1] It also contains an augmented fourth between the first and fourth degree. Scale | Diminished Scale | Diminished Intervals What intervals are in the A hungarian minor scale… The song "Worth It" by Fifth Harmony features a saxophone riff written in this scale.

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