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I wish she were equally interested in the health risks of GE products currently on HEB shelves. Yet H-E-B spokesperson Winell Herron said her company is "committed to absolutely safe food. If these national chains can do it, so can HEB. Hello, and thank you for contacting us at our H-E-B Web Site. We can make a difference! We also carry organic beef and hormone-free poultry. Recently, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have announced they will only use non-GMO ingredients in their house brand products. Curbside & Delivery Item added to "My List " View Your Shopping Lists. Customers should also know if there are GMOs in their food." 5. Available in stores. "It's a moral dilemma," Boheme said. This is a significant victory for the consumer's right-to-know. In Europe, many major corporations and food chains have gone GE-free* because of consumer pressure. HEB welcomes input from consumers. Signature ________________________________________________, Print Name _______________________________________________, Address __________________________________________________, City, State, Zip _________________________________________. Now that food crops are being used to produce pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals, the risk is even greater. You should not rely solely on the information presented here. What about the majority of HEB shoppers who haven't a clue? H-E-B has taken a cautious approach to genetic engineering where we have control. Your In-Store order will be waiting for you when you're ready to check out. Also, organic standards recently published by the USDA specifically forbid genetic engineering in products labeled as "organic". Skip To Content. "H-E-B is concerned about their public image," said Luke Metzger of TexPIRG. Safety warning. We look forward to each future opportunity to serve you. When you see the Non-GMO Project Verified mark on products made with meat, eggs, or dairy, it means the animals those ingredients came from ate a non-GMO diet compliant with the Non-GMO Project Standard. "There's a lot of data that the health benefits are incredible," she said. Say No To GMOs! It's the right thing to do. FDA relies on industry data regarding safety of GMOs. We always appreciate hearing from our friends and Customers. Metzger said the groups are targeting the store because HEB is a socially responsible company, and they don't believe the government will act. We typically stock from 40-65 organic items in our Produce Departments and currently carry 39 organic products in our Grocery Departments. To meet the requirements of the Non-GMO Project Standard, an input or ingredient derived from a testable major high-risk crop will need test results from the raw source material to prove that it is non-GMO.For example, in order to prove that soy lecithin meets the standard, the raw soy must be tested before it is processed into lecithin. * Products will be judged on their individual safety and nutrition. We have a Quality Assurance Lab dedicated to conducting regular food safety screenings of the products we offer for sale to assure we have the highest quality food available to our Customers. While other companies manufacture products that are GMO-avoidant, HEB is the first to actually label that " THIS PRODUCT WAS MADE FROM INGREDIENTS THAT WERE NOT GROWN FROM GENETICALLY MODIFIED SEED ". 6. Britain's Prince Charles recently questioned GE foods, stating, "this kind of genetic modification takes mankind into the realms that belong to God, and God alone.". But none of these GE ingredients are currently labeled. Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Charles C.Butt, CEO HEB has made several revisions to their consumer response letter since early May 2001. It's the right thing to do. The Nature's Harvest Departments located in some of our larger stores provide an even wider variety of organic items. We genuinely value your comments and your business. The genetic integrity of the food supply and the consumers' right-to-choose must be protected. Mounting scientific evidence suggests that GE foods may cause health and environmental hazards such as new allergic reactions, new toxins, antibiotic resistance, transfer of altered genetic material to other organisms, herbicide resistant superweeds and increased chemical use. Although we would like to make complete product offerings available in all stores, the limited space in some stores makes this impossible. These kinds of grassroots efforts take time and involvement but together we can make a difference right here in Texas!! Recent laboratory tests of HEB products by Genetic ID confirmed the presence of genetically engineered ingredients in two products. Leaving In-Store. Julie Look for 100-percent wheat pasta, couscous, rice, quinoa, oats, barley, sorghum, and dried beans (except soybeans). Washington, DC 20006 Hill Country Fare products are not manufactured by HEB but are exclusively distributed by the chain. GMOs (genetically modified organisms), are novel organisms created in a laboratory using genetic modification/engineering techniques. It's time for HEB, whose Central Market stores cater to food-conscious consumers, to follow suit. HEB was unresponsive to the requests. HEB is family-owned Texas business with more than 300 stores and 56,000 employees in Texas and Mexico. Erica Gray, an organic farmer from Boerne, was decked out in a pilgrim costume with a baby in tow, holding a banner reading: "H-E-B's genetically engineered foods are nothing to be thankful for.". H-E-B is proud to serve you as our Customer and we will look forward to all future opportunities we may have to serve you. Keep refrigerated. There is no proof of harm to humans from the Flavr Savr, and it was taken off the shelves soon after its release because of unpopularity. for labeling of genetically engineered foods. Our first commitment is to the safety of our Customers. Subject: FW:Genetically Modified Foods. We value you as our Customer, and genuinely appreciate your comments and your business. Since 1995, when GMOs made their agricultural debut, a significant number of food products have been grown with a little extra boost, courtesy of altered genetics. Thank you for sharing your concerns about genetically modified organisms in food products. Attached is some information addressing this issue I hope you will find helpful. From: 646 S. Main Ave That's why we've created H-E-B Select Ingredients to help you easily identify our products made without, high fructose corn syrup, certified colors, and hundreds of other synthetic ingredients. Butt Grocery Co.'s headquarters Monday to rally against use of genetically modified organisms in the grocer's house-brand products. Scientists and consumer and environmental groups have cited many health and environmental risks with foods containing GMOs. "This is a controversial issue.". Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 Remember DDT, PCBs etc? You are now leaving In-Store. We continue to increase the number of organic products available in our stores. However, in some areas of food safety we must rely on the judgement of government agencies that have been given the responsibility to insure the safety of the US food supply. HEB has agreed to continue the dialogue in the near future. H.E. Claims of 'incredible health benefits' mentioned by Kate Brown are a pipe-dream of the biotech industry to gain consumer acceptance of biotech foods. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this very difficult issue. It's time to let HEB know how you feel about genetically engineered foods and your rights as an HEB shopper. With so many potential places for hidden GMO ingredients, the easiest way to keep them off your plate is to look for the Non-GMO project verified label or the USDA Organic seal. The large variety of organic products we carry are to help meet your desire to purchase GE-free products. November 25, despite its negative historical antecedents, was shaping up to be a proud day for activism. To label products as genetically modified would be confusing and expensive, said Bill Fry, H-E-B's vice president of quality control said Monday. Critics contend that studies on the effects of GM food on humans have been inadequate, and local protesters are still hoping to foment change within H-E-B, which they say has taken the initiative in the past to assure their products contain minimal levels of pesticide residue. Also, the corn in the tortilla chips we manufacture is from a source-controlled/tested supply so we can protect our Customers from exposure to StarLink corn. Recently published USDA regulations prohibit organic products to be produced using recombinant DNA technology. Contact: Luke Metzger e-mail: Cathy H-E-B Customer Relations, From: 2. FDA's position is that they cannot, under current food laws, require bioengineered foods to be labeled as such unless the bioengineering has significantly changed the composition or nutritional content or has introduced an allergen.

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