prs se 245 review

For its target market - feisty rock players who are a few bpm short of being termed 'shredders' - this guitar really knocks it out of the park. The PRS SE 245 is definitely one of the mid-priced electric guitars you can buy right now. The finishing touches come with the graphic headstock logo. Guitar anoraks can take these kinds of unrealistic obsessions. This body is thick and sturdy because it adds a great deal of resonance and sustain to the tone. Die Vintage-Sunburst-Lackierung unseres Modells … The PRS core (USA) line had always appealed to me. Where this guitar pulls ahead - in our opinion - is with the distortion. The PRS SE 245 electric guitar is another evidence of how entry-level guitar models are not what they’re supposed to be. Nicht ganz sauber eingesetzt wurde der Kunststoff-Sattel, welcher die Saiten zu den an der Kopfplatte angebrachten PRS-eigenen Mechaniken führt. Receive news and offers from our other brands? All in all, the level of craftsmanship on the body is stunning. We think we see what they're trying to do here…. The PRS SE 245 includes a professional combination of pickups and control knobs. , which is also an all-rounder comfortable guitar. This is not to everyone’s liking, and it’s definitely not for beginners. Physical performance? It’s a very versatile combination. These are tight, precise, and good looking. Online-Ratgeber. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. It packs high-end hardware and quality humbuckers. It’s a great companion for slower-paced music, so shredders should move along. © We're talking scale length, otherwise known as the measurement from the nut (not that one) to the saddle. : mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, custom PRS S 245 bass humbuckers (neck) & S 245 treble humbucker (bridge), 2 individual volume knobs, 2 individual tone knobs, & 3-way selector switch, The Best Ukulele Reviewed – 7 Best Ukuleles. Vibrato feels just a little more free and easy, and when you bend the G string hard towards the ceiling during a blues lead break, it doesn't fight you. Since 1985, when the company debuted its first model, the PRS Custom, Paul Reed Smith has been an awkward bugger, traditionally planting his scales at 25 inches on the nose, so the launch of the first 24½-inch SE model (except the Santana) is the most exciting length-related news we've heard in, ooh, months. Schaut man sich die neuesten Produktbilder auf der Website des Herstellers an, scheint die Farbgebung nun etwas heller zu sein. The bridge humbucker is the bass pickup, and so the sound is at the mid and low-frequency charts. Denn wenn Gitarre, Amp und Effekte nicht zueinander passen, gibt's Klangsalat! I can’t find any downsides with this guitar. PRS models are often hard to criticize, and the 245 is not an exception. Mahogany is also the tonewood of choice for the neck, whereas rosewood is the fretboard’s material. Sound and look-wise, you’re in for a treat, so I hope you stick around until the end of our review to see how you could make this guitar even better. Their, If you’re a beginner guitar player, maybe you can look at our, This guitar packs a pair of custom PRS 245 S. . Moreover, the body’s proportions are made with comfort in mind, which makes this guitar quite the playing partner, either sitting or standing. Seth Lover is the creator of the original dual-coil pickup, so this set sounds like Gibson intended. . What’s a surprise is how the 245 model can be as good as rivaling guitars selling for twice or trice the price. In particular, the PRS SE is the company’s first model below the 25’’ mark (except for Santana’s signature model). Nice work, Mr Smith. PRS guitars are premium stuff, well over the triple-zero mark. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. Plus, the distortion sounds you get from these custom pickups is what set the PRS SE 245 apart. Because it has a shorter scale than every other PRS guitar, it also allows for easier bending. Today, we’re reviewing the PRS SE 245, the first-ever 24.5’’ long-scale electric guitar from a brand that prefers building bulky all-rounders. The pickups are wired to individual tone and volume controls. Being SE the budget line of such a reputed guitar manufacturer, this is not a surprise. The resulting tones sound like what this guitar should sound: modern rock & heavy metal. They are warm and have plenty of sustain. This guitar packs a pair of custom PRS 245 S humbuckers. On your hands, the guitar feels strong, durable, and sturdy. A 'Fender-style' 25½ inches will theoretically feel tighter than the bend-tastic response of a 'Gibson- style' 24¾ inches. It packs high-end hardware and quality humbuckers. A Stop tailpiece is a metal bar mounted behind the bridge to hold the strings tight. Seymour Duncan Invader These are medium-output pickups that are made for high-gain, distortion pedals, fuzz pedals, and overdrive pedals. Fender Player Stratocaster We're talking scale length, otherwise known as the measurement from the nut (not that one) to the saddle. It all feels very well made. The PRS SE 245 is a great guitar for anyone looking for a multi-purpose high-quality instrument below the triple-zero mark. You will receive a verification email shortly. You could go even more for the vintage sound, though, with a couple of period-correct Seymour Duncan Seth Lover humbuckers. It’s a “budget” PRS, though, because this is a brand that offers mostly premium instruments for the professional musician. The neck pickup is the “treble” humbucker, and so it sounds higher. Bath Maybe the PRS brand got your attention. On the other side, it has a sturdy and stable stoptail bridge that’s able to maintain precise intonation. . This model has certainly got its own vibe, and you won't hear that phrase too often in the £649 price bracket. SE stands for “Student Edition.” Early SE models were aimed for beginners and intermediate players alike, but that’s no longer the case. Vital is an eye-catching spectral warping wavetable synth plugin that you can have for free. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, They are made for fat and round tones plus maximum versatility. Coupled with the stylish headstock, it all looks very elegant. There’s also a 3-way pickup selector switch to blend both knobs. The pickup selector on this model has been moved from the butt to the upper bout, and the standard PRS dial-count of one volume, one tone is doubled. is a gorgeous looking guitar with a stunning sound. Test: PRS SE Paul’s Guitar. The neck features the standard PRS’ wide-fat neck profile, which is a fan favorite because of how it allows easy access to all of the 22 frets. It interacts great with things like, Still, if you’d like to swap these for high-end humbuckers, I recommend the, . Half an inch might not make much difference on a sumo wrestler, but it's definitely noticeable when you're playing this guitar's board. The overall sound is expressive, harmonic, and rich. Die PRS SE 245 kommt in einem sehr soliden Gigbag und ein erster Blick auf die Rückseite der Kopfplatte verrät, dass unser Testmodell noch nicht im neuen indonesischen Werk, sondern in Südkorea produziert wurde. However, this is a rare instrument that offers smooth playing, vintage tones, and gorgeous looks. PRS SE 245 Review. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. This guitar feels like butter and features gentle coil-tapped humbuckers. With a 10’’ fingerboard radius, the SE 245 offers an all-purpose smooth playing. I was after something more modern, reliable and also with a little more top end bite.

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