reflection on solemnity of john the baptist

Mary was conceived without original sin. If we cast our minds back we will recall that most sons in the bible came after some rigorous experiences but turned out to be enormously great. He was the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth. Isaiah 49: 1-6 / Psalm 139 / Acts 13: 22-26 / Luke 1: 57-66, 80 It would have been easy for Mary to get upset with God for not helping her, just when she needed Him the most. Let especially learn to be detached from material concern and be attached to divine realities. ( Log Out /  John’s role as Herald or Forerunner of the Saviour is especially commemorated amongst Fr. He was the last of the prophets; he was the “return of Elijah.” God’s graciousness brought about the creation, (Gen. 1:1ff).God’s graciousness followed humanity in God’s call of Abraham to raise from him a great nation (Gen.12:1-3).God’s graciousness sought the deliverance of His people from their slavery in the land of Egypt and the plan to lead them to the Promised Land which was later realized (Exodus 3:7-9). Thursday, 26th November 2020 — Thank you! Jesus called John the greatest of all those who had preceded him: “I tell you, among those born of women, no one is greater than John….” But John would have agreed completely with what Jesus added: “[Y]et the least in the kingdom of God is greater than he” (Luke 7:28). Because “John surpasses all the prophets, of whom he is the last” (CCC:523). Have a wonderful celebration.,,, He left the comfort of their home and took habitation with wild animals in the wilderness. Enter your email to receive notifications of new Daily Reflection Posts. I give you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made; wonderful are your works. He interfaced both. Boniface Nkem Anusiem PhD. The “John” in the Baptist is thus an indication of God’s graciousness in the one He had chosen to prepare the way for the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ. A red bird is beautiful just the way God created him, for an example. John the Baptist was the point of departure from the Old Testament and the beginning of the New. From this brief description we can reckon Saint John the Baptist as higher than other Saints while the Blessed Virgin Mary is acknowledged as the highest; of course she is the queen of All Saints. It’s a shame more young people do not read the bible. The first time my husband brought me to Mass, I thought it was the most holy, beautiful sense of worshiping God that I had ever experienced. God’s graciousness is shown in His constant care for us. Gospel Reflection for the Birth of John the Baptist 24th. He “goes ‘before the Lord in … The scriptures say that the community that John the Baptist was born into, became afraid when Zechariah wrote John’s name on paper and then was instantly cured of his inability to speak. Without God’s graciousness which we do not merit, life would have been meaningless and worthless. And the Responsorial Psalm is about unborn life as well: “I praise you, for I am wonderfully made.”. June 25, 2018 July 12, ... John the Baptist personified the vocation of solitude. The name JOHN is from the Hebrew Yohanan which when translated means Gracious Yahweh or put in a much simpler way, God is gracious. Today we are celebrating the solemnity of the nativity of John the Baptist. Reflection 11 – Solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. Jesus and Mary were both set aside for a special purpose before they were born and so was John the Baptist. Reflection on St. John the Baptist. All three were born without sin. The Solemnity of the Birth of John the Baptist reminds us that it is now just under six months till Christmas, and that for us in the southern hemisphere the days are starting to lengthen. Fr. From his birth to his death, John the Baptist loved the Lord with a passion. John the Baptist was the point of departure from the Old Testament and the beginning of the New. June 24, 2020. She is the mother of God. Wednesday, November 25, 2020 – A Wisdom in Speaking. Etc. ( Log Out /  That’s a tough question for us to think about too. John’s birth occurred near the summer solstice, i.e., when the day is longest and now is shortening, just as John was to diminish as Jesus was to increase. Everything about John the Baptist was unusual and that made him a very peculiar personality. Boniface Nkem Anusiem Ph.D. HOW TO TURN OUR TALENTS INTO TREASURES HOMILY: 33RD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (YEAR A) Rev.

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