sanskrit names for clothing business

So, if you are looking for Sanskrit names of clothes and other wears, this post will help you. suggest a sanskrit name for ... Lv 4. why do some people think yoga pants are ''slutty''. Can I wear this bag with running shoes and yoga  pants? Fabric Store Names. What clothes are more mature for a guy close to his 30s? 0 0. suggest me a nice name for boutique which consist of huge dress materials for ladies, Sringar, Sajaavat (Decoration), Tithli (Butterfly), Vastr (Clothing), Sanskriti (Culture), Sundartaa (Beauty), Rang (Colour), Anthriksh (Outer Space), Suhavana (Peaceful), pls suggest a nice name for my was huge ladies dress material collections. Still have questions? What do you think of the answers? If you were given $25,000 with the stipulation that you had to spend it in two days. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The one on the left, is her outfit a little nice or very nice? Source(s): 4 years ago. Rubal G. 1 decade ago. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. There are many types of clothes and wearable that are available in different parts of the country that are quite common in usage across the world, and therefore knowing their names could be handy. 0 0. Below are the … Sanskrit Names of clothes and wears Read More » Get answers by asking now. Sanskrit names perfectly suit the theme of Indian wear, so below we have given some suggestions for a Sanskrit name for your boutique. Are these boots inappropriate for office work? suggest me a nice name for boutique which consist of huge dress materials for ladies. What is your opinion on men wearing nail polish? What would you buy? boutique names in sanskrit If you are thinking of opening an Indian wear showroom, then it will be best if you pick a Sanskrit name for your boutique. Anonymous. 5 years ago.

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