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What a beautiful family! Say’s Phoebes are pale brownish gray above with a cinnamon belly, a blackish tail, and a gray breast. Baby girl Phoebe is so cute!!! With all our Love. great looking family…. Monday, July 9, 2018 Say's Phoebe Babies at the Palm Springs Art Museum It's kind of interesting that practically that only occupied nests I've seen lately were those of Say's Phoebes (Sayornis saya). 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); by Craig Brelsford Still have not seen Phoebe. Blessings in abundance much Health and Happiness to the whole family. Monica barely covered up to Rachel that she was with Chandler who found them two hot male nurses to date. Phoebe’s beautiful mother, Elaine, and I witnessed the miracle. This photo was taken on Day 6. Brelsford coined the term “Cape Nanhui” and advocates for the conservation of the most southeasterly point in Shanghai. “It’s like Himalayan and Oriental Cuckoo!” we exclaimed. (3.7 kg) and had a length of 20 inches (51 cm). We live across the street from grandma & grandpa, so we see the little ones grow. Founder, Blessings and best wishes to Ms. Phoebe and her family! Phoebe’s Chinese name is Dù Yíníng (杜怡宁). So beautiful! Our daughter, Phoebe Lynn Brelsford, was born 1 June 2020 in Orlando, Florida. An immaculate white Rock Dove alighted on the windowsill, blessed the child, and flew … The Say's phoebe also likes to feed just above the water's surface. © Matt Davis | Macaulay Library An immaculate white Rock Dove alighted on the windowsill, blessed the child, and flew off. When Brelsford departed China, he was the top-ranked eBirder in that country, having noted more than 930 species. Say Hello to Phoebe, Our Beautiful Baby Girl. Stay well in these difficult times. See all the bird photos from Geotripper in one place, courtesy of Google Photos. Brelsford was also the top-ranked eBirder in Shanghai, with more than 320 species, as well as Shanghai’s Cape Nanhui, one of the best-known birding spots in China. Congratulations to the whole family! Your email address will not be published. This soft-voiced flycatcher of the west is like the other two phoebes in its tail-wagging habit; but unlike them, it often lives in very dry country, far from water. I sure enjoy the photos that your parents and grandma put on Facebook…you keep being a good girl and tell your mom, dad, and brother that I said hello. Welcome to the world precious Phoebe! It is typical of prairies, badlands, and ranch country, often placing its nest under the eaves of a porch or barn. It sallies from a perch to catch insects in mid-air. What a lovely family! Love, Aunt Patty, We couldn’t be happier with the birth of our granddaughter. I hope you are doing great.. Elaine, Tiny, and I thank God for Phoebe, our inexpressible gift. They eat insects almost exclusively, but have been known to eat berries. Welcome to the world Phoebe. She is going to bring us so much happiness. This bird is similar to the eastern phoebe. See also, Say Hello to Tiny, Our Beautiful Baby Boy, Craig Brelsford is the founder of Your email address will not be published. Brelsford is a graduate of the University of Florida and earned a master's in business administration at the University of Liege, Belgium. We have a phoebe nest under a screened porch eve, just outside my home office door (that opens onto a patio). Now back home in Florida, Brelsford maintains close ties to the Shanghai birding community and continues his enthusiastic development of this website. Required fields are marked *. Tweets by @shanghaibirds Incubation typically lasts 15-16 days. Bald Eagles at Cape Disappointment State Park in W... Birding from 18 Inches Away: Baby Mockingbird out ... Wilson's Warbler at the Willapa National Wildlife ... Green Heron on the Tuolumne River, and a bit of "W... Say's Phoebe Babies at the Palm Springs Art Museum. A Surprise from the Archives: Hermit Warbler and J... Blue Grosbeak on the Tuolumne River in Ceres. It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Our daughter, Phoebe Lynn Brelsford, was born 1 June 2020 in Orlando, Florida. Brelsford lived in Shanghai from 2007 to 2018. I haven't seen any on the home trail yet this year, but I saw several on the Colorado Plateau trip last month, and both were attending to nests. I enjoy your blog and miss travelling the world to see birds. Finally Found Them! Shanghai Birds in Alaska, Part 2: St. Paul Island, Rare Photos of Crested Goshawk Mating in Shanghai’s Zhongshan Park, Birds Recorded at Shanghai’s Century Park, English-Chinese Taxonomic Index to the Birds of China, Experiencing Kamchatka Leaf Warbler on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Exclusive Interview with Mark Brazil, Author of, Brown Eared Pheasant at Xuanzhong Temple, Shanxi. She bears an unusually close resemblance to her brother, “Tiny” Craig. Her English name honors the phoebes (genus Sayornis).

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