slimy lunch meat

The second option is less desirable, in that yeasts, lactobacilli, enterococci or Brochothrix thermosphacta can all create a slime on processed lunch meats over time. These liquids are mostly evaporated in a cured meat, but in a luncheon meat like bologna, sliced beef or cotto salami they want a high moisture content to keep the meat from tasting dry. OK, Heres the trick… Wax Paper! Have you ever bought lunch meat and it tasted great on the first day and not so much by the second day?! I have found the best way to keep lunch meat fresh longer! If the meat feels slimy or smells funny before that, throw it away instead of packing it in the kids' lunches. Good deli turkey makes for delightful sandwich fare. But some of the highest profile producers of packaged deli meat do a really bad job of it. "If in doubt, throw it out," is a good adage to remember; it's better to lose a few dollars in wasted lunch meat than to deal with food poisoning later. So across the grain + brine/cure + time = slimy sheen. This is especially true for turkey or chicken lunch meat because it gets kinda slimy after the first-day YUCK!! Over time the meat releases its bound liquids. Whatever the case, the USDA recommends you eat luncheon meats within 3-5 days.

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