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FishBase. (See also: scale) Other Search Engines. Milkfish farming in Taiwan is now based almost entirely on hatchery-raised fry. Pantodon buchholzi is a creature from calm waters (Ref. A global species database covering more than 32,000 species, FishBase includes a wide range of information on all fish species currently known including their biology, ecology, taxonomy, life history, trophic features, population dynamics and uses, as well as historical information dating back 250 years. Marketed fresh and dried-salted (Ref. In the Philippines, hatchery-bred fish have spawned spontaneously in net cages and concrete tanks, producing 50,000 to 956,000 eggs per spawning (Emata 1995). Hatchery production stabilises the supply of fry and can promote increased production of milkfish. After being submerged at the required depth, the net is lifted or hauled out of the water, by hand or mechanically, from the shore or from a boat. System Glossary Glossary Search for trammel net (Search Options) ... (English) A fishing net made up of a 80 m fine-meshed net between two 80 m large-meshed nets; extended between two ropes and set up in the tidal current or river, the fish being trapped by becoming wrapped in the fine-meshed net that forms bags around the fish. System Glossary Glossary Search for bar net (Search Options) Definition of Term bar net (English) A gill net with ropes or wooden bars attached vertically used as a gill net or a trammel net. Feeds on small schooling fishes, such as sardines and anchovies and on shrimps. 51626).It lives in swamps, creeks and backwaters (Ref. This species makes up an important part of the drift net fishery in Palk Bay and the Gulf of Mannar. 4910).They are capable to jump out of the water, to search for insects or to escape from predators (Ref. FishBase. (See also: stow net) Other Search Engines. 2921).It is not a glider, but a ballistic jumper (Ref. 31256), and inhabits the calmer parts of rivers (Ref. System Glossary Glossary Search for knotless net (Search Options) Definition of Term knotless net (English) Nylon net made without knots using twisted yarn knitted together thus reducing scale loss and stress in fish. 41580), where it can be seen on the surface waters (Ref. System Glossary Glossary Search for lift net (Search Options) Definition of Term lift net (English) Net consisting of a horizontal netting panel or a bag shaped like a parallel pipe, pyramid or cone with the opening facing upwards. 9684). FishBase. FishBase. FishBase. FishBase is the premier biodiversity information website for all fishes of the world. System Glossary Glossary Search for trim net (Search Options) Definition of Term trim net (English) A bag net smaller than a stow net. (See also: gillnet, trammel net, bar) Other Search Engines.

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